Dentists prepare to welcome patients

A new dental surgery developed by Bride Hall is open for business. The Harley Dental Clinic, next to Bride Hall’s Bouverie Place Shopping Centre, has been set up by CareCapital.

The 12,500 square feet practice will be open from 8am to 10pm weekdays and hopes to open on Saturdays as well.

Combining a surgery, laboratory and training centre, the three-floor development has cost in the region of £3.5million. The surgery will be able to accommodate 12 dentists, three hygienists and two orthodontists in 14 dental suites.

The surgery’s principals, Dr Jostein Steien and Dr Richard Wellington, are in talks with the Eastern and Coastal Kent Primary Care Trust and hope to win an NHS contract for the surgery.

Speaking to the Herald earlier this year, CareCapital chief executive, Paul Stacey, said: “This is a big thing for the town. It is an exciting project and very inventive. We are extremely pleased to be the developer and owner of this innovative project.”

CareCapital, which is currently building surgeries in Britain and Germany, announced the acquisition of the Bouverie Place structure to the stock market in January this year.

The company will own and maintain the property and has leased it to Phoenix Dental Management Ltd on a 21 year term.