The Pentagon Centre, managed by Bride Hall, wins Purple Apple at The BCSC Marketing Awards 10/5/12

The Pentagon Centre, managed by Bride Hall, has won a Purple Apple Award for Effective Advertising for their “It’s a Rap” online marketing campaign, designed to promote the Pentagon Shopping Centre and the town of Chatham via a medium their clientele could relate to.

They discovered that one of the Centre’s security guards was a talented local rapper who was keen to raise the profile of both the Centre and Chatham itself by showcasing the
shopping offer in an “all you need” manner.

The Centre commissioned the security guard (aka L.Kilah) to write and record a showcase for the retailers. The video was filmed by a local artist and contained fun lyrics which were checked by retailers and also saw them feature in the music video, with the ending of the rap reminding viewers of the location and to be part of the future of Chatham.

The video was shared on the Centre’s facebook and website pages, but the key to its success was its authenticity and appeal to local residents, which in turn encouraged them to
share it with their friends via youtube.

To date the video has received 36,690 views on youtube, clocking up 18,000 views within just one week of going live. Pretty impressive for a total marketing spend of just 90!


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